Neurofeedback Interchange Conference Speakers

Ruth Lanius

Restoring Large Scale Neural Networks and Subjective Wellbeing in Trauma-Related Disorders with Neurofeedback

Rob Coben

Impact of Dev Trauma on Brain Function & Connectivity

Anne Stevens

Neurodevelopmental Trauma and 4-Channel Cohernence Neurofeedback: The process of healing

Anna Morrell


Sebern Fisher

The Implications of Default Mode Network impairments for psychotherapy and neurofeedback in those with developmental trauma

Developmental Trauma & Neurofeedback Panel

Rob Coben, Sebern Fisher, Ruth Lanius

Mary Ammerman

The Rules of Engagement. the importance of helping clients understand the feedback they're receiving

Ed Hamlin

Eating Disorders & Neurofeedback

Rob Coben

Training Brain Networks

Panel: Thoughts from the "old-timers"

Unresolved NF questions - Inquiring minds want to know! Ed Hamlin, Rob Coben, Sebern Fisher, Ed Jacobs, Joy Lunt, mike Cohen, Larry Hirshberg, facilitator

Ed Hamlin & Howard Lightstone

More about EEGer4

Sarah Prinsloo

Pain associated with chemotherapy & effects of neurofeedback

Mark Gapen

Neurofeedback with infants: musings on the nature of evidenc

Ed Hamlin

Zombie Circuits in the Brain