Do I need to be an EEGER Affiliate to attend?

Many of the participants in the Neurofeedback Interchange Conference every year are EEG Education & Research Affiliates, because cultivating a vibrant clinician community is a core value we all share. Still, it definitely isn't a requirement to attend! Our conference is an open forum for the exchange of ideas and experience for anyone interested in neurofeedback as a means of healing.

The conference program will be of interest to anyone practicing (or learning about) neurofeedback. There is a special focus on the software that our community uses, but we remain open-minded, and many clinicians will use different tools for different situations. If you are interested, you can learn more about becoming an EEG Education & Research Affiliate on the EEGER Affiliates page, and more about EEGer4 neurofeedback software on the About EEGer4 page